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: When bolting on my new toilet, the flange broke where the bolts attatch to the flange. The place where the bolts slide along to align the toilet square. Can I remove the toilet flange, or can I buy a slip on flange the will go over the existing one and not have to remove the existing flange.
: Thanks for this information.
: Britt Narrell

When bolting on your new toilet, did you notice if the pipe that it drains into is plastic ABS? If it is, and if the flange is glued to the drain waste line, you aren't going to get the broken flange off. You can try to loosen the screws that hold the flange to the subfloor and see if maybe the flange wasn't properly glued. You will have to raise and shim the toilet higher off the floor if you try to install another flange into the broken one. The problem isn't the flange, its the holddown bolt head. You can try to adapt a longer hold down head washer to wedge under the flange, but when the toilet starts to rock and leak onto the subfloor, you'll be facing serious repair costs. Contact a Licensed plumber to seek advice for your particular problem

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