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Posted by More on July 04, 19100 at 16:03:45:
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: I was searching the net for some information on my outdated kitchen faucet and ran across a posting someone
: had made to this bulletin board about a similar one. There were no replies, so I thought I would ask the
: question again to see if any one can offer me some wisdom on the problem. I have a kitchen sink by American
: Kitchens. It is a nice big double sink, so I hate to replace it, but the faucet is set at a strange angle-it comes from
: beneath the sink but is mounted on the backsplash part of the sink. I haven't been able to find a replacement that mounts
: this way. The sink is made into the countertop so if I replace it I'll have to replace the whole thing. Any advice?

There are many outlets that supply the faucet you are looking for, but there isn't a large call for them, so you'll have to look carefully. Don't know what ares of the country you are in, but they are available in Ontario Oregon, as well as Portland, and if you really get into a pinch, you can contact Cleveland Wrecking and demolition in Chicago, Cleveland, and Los Angeles. They demolish homes in the way of the freeway system and recycle fixtures stained glass, door knobs, raised tank toilets, etc.

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