Hot water recirculation w/o pump
Posted by JIm Talbert on July 03, 19100 at 15:37:18:
I have a two-story house with a basement where my gas water heater is located. I would like to install a
static hot water recirculation system without a pump but am not sure it will work satisfactorily. My water
heater is in the middle of the basement. A single hot water pipe runs from it to the back side of the house
(in the basement) where it splits into two pipes, one going to the kitchen area and one to the master
bedroom area. If I add a return pipe from the kitchen area and one from the master bedroom area, join
them in a T connection and run a single return pipe from that point back to the water heater, how well
will that perform? I realize the first floor will get the hot water before the second floor, but am just not
sure I won't need a pump under the kitchen sink and one under the master bedroom lavatory. Can
you give me a warm fuzzy about such a static system?


Jim Talbert
Birmingham AL

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