LP water heater
Posted by Victor Hastings on July 02, 19100 at 23:37:14:
i am buying a house in central florida. it's about 35 years old and in need of lots of updating. the water heater is electric but undersized, so i'll probably replace it soon.

i own a gas clothes dryer (whirlpool) and would prefer not to replace it.

there is no natural gas service to the homes in my neighborhood. however, a local propane company will install a 120 gallon tank, run a line to the house and fill the tank for $99.

the company will also rebate $250 toward the cost of an LP water heater and $85 toward the conversion of the dryer.

whirlpool makes a kit for converting natural gas dryers to LP. don't have the price yet but i don't think it's too bad.

however, i'm curious about the cost of an LP heater compared to gas. i have seen some units on-line that cost as much as $1400, and i'm floored. it would be hard to justify that kind of outlay even though LP seems to be a much cheaper way to heat water and dry clothes.

what do you think of my idea?

BTW i have an undersized ruud heat pump so i may be replacing that as well. do you recommend a waste heat recovery unit that shunts exhaust heat to the water heater?

thanks for taking time to respond.

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