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Posted by More on July 02, 19100 at 23:08:21:
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: I noticed recently that the bottom outside wall of my tub is stained and wet. There is also a mark a little above where the wall meets the tub and shower doors. I have access to the back of the plumbing and I can see that when the shower is turned on there is wet wood on the subfloor by that area. I can also see that there are wet patches on the bottom of the wallboard surrounding the top of the tub. I'm not sure if I just have to recaulk the whole tub or if I have a leak in the shower mechanism somewhere. Help please!

Since you have access to the back of the plumbing, put a water glass upside down to your ear, and push it against the pipes (or use a stethescope if you have one) to listen for pinhole leaks. Because the wet spots are low but not puddling and flowing, and because they are visible when you run the water but not when the shower is off, it is a good indicator that you don't have a leak, and the joints simply need a good cleaning and then re-caulking to seal the moisture in, so it cannot escape to the sub floor

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