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: When I am in the middle of a shower a noise starts up from pipes and then I start up the sink's faucet and the noise go away. Then you turn off the sink's faucet it starts back up the noise again. Help

Is there a sink's faucet on the next floor up that you can start up when the noise in the middle of your shower starts up? Sounds like the noise you hear is a water hammer caused by air trapped in the line. When you open the sink faucet, some of the water pressure is diverted from the shower head to the open faucet, and the decreased pressure stops the noise. When you close the sink faucet the shower head it the highest location where the air can hammer. There's another possibility and that is that you already have a noise dampening watter hammer damper, but it lost all the air in it, and is waterlogged, so the water needs to be drained out of it and air built up again. Try turning the water off at the meter, opening the faucet by the outside planter to drain the house(you'll have to open the sink faucet too, to allow a vacuum break) and then shut off the faucets and turn the water back on and see if the noise goes away. If not, you might be hearing a knocking noise from water rushing past a 90 degree fitting that isn't quite fastened down tight enough, and it vibrates against the wood studs in the wall.

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