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Posted by More on July 02, 19100 at 22:49:30:
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: We were very happy to get our new washing machine, but sad to see the water overflowing from the drain pipe with every load larger than small. I called the manufacturer of the machine and they said our pipes were too small. Other than replace the pipes, is there any way we can clamp off the hose going to the pipe to make it flow slower or a way to slow the pump in the machine down. This has been going on for a couple of years and we are tired of baby sitting the washing machine and mopping up water. HELP!

Maybe the pipes aren't really too small, maybe your new washer drain hose is too fat for the drain pipe, and doesn't provide enough vent. Or, maybe the existing drain pipe has some washing machine lint plugging it up. First, look at the way the washing machine drain hose fits into the drain pipe. Is there the equivalent of a 3/4 inch air gap provided between the rubber hose and the drain? or is it a pretty tight fit. If the fit is almost tight, your new washer is pumping the wash water out too fast to get an adequate vent. Yes you can reduce the drain hose size, but that is going to cause a restriction on the pump outlet, and the timer won't let all the water drain from the washing machie tub.You want to keep the washer doing it's thing, and let the drain take what it will. Do you have a laundry sink in the same room? Extend the washer drain hose far enough to flow into the laundry sink. and let the excess water fill that, and then it will gradually drain out normally. Also if you are draining into an open inch and a half pipe, you might try putting a "Y" fitting on the drain, extending the vent higher into the room (toward the ceiling) and adding a foot or so to the Y angled leg, and then putting your washer drain hose into that.

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