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: Ok, maybe I should clear this up, I am needing to know if the toilet will function properly if the vent is further away, not if it is "OK" to put it further away.
: I live where there are not permits, or codes for doing your own plumbing.
: So If it is not within 5 feet of the toilet, will the toilet not flush right? Thanks so much!!!

: : It must be within 5 feet of the toilet and there are requirements as to how it is connected.

: : : Does the vent for a toilet have to be right near the place where the waste comes out of the toilet and
: : : goes into the sewer pipe, or can it be further out on the line like 15 feet or so away?

The vent can be fifteen feet away and the toilet will still flush. When you flush the toilet, you lift a flapper that dumps 6 gallons of water through a three inch hole to push however large a diameter of waste product is deposited in the bowl and cause it to squeeze through a four inch trap in the toilet base, and then into the four inch sewer pipe. The weight of the dumped water plus the associated air pressure pushes the waste out by gravity. If that sewer pipe has the vent within five feet of this forceful dump, there will be minimal vacuum created in the sewer line. If the vent is fifteen feet downstream of the forceful dump, there could develop a vacuum caused slowdown of the waste, and therefore lots of stoppages and needs for plunger. If the vent is fifteen feet upstream from the flow, there shouldn't be much of a problem. But of course, if you had fifteen feet upstream, you wouldn't be asking the question, would you. Getting the vent so far away from the main is going to be a problem if you entertain a lot or if you have folks in the family that use GOBS of paper in their deposit, because the volume of water dumped and the paper wads cause a plug to be rushing down the drain. The vent that exists doesn't REALLY have to be straight up though. You could angle it to keep it closer to the main.

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