Tub leakage causing wood damage
Posted by Ritu on July 02, 19100 at 22:33:10:
We recently purchased a home and found that there was a leakage problem from improper caulking around the tub. At first inspection, the damage did not seem extensive, but after calling in some plumbers, we saw that one of the rafters has suffered dry rot over the years (house was built in 1962). The tub is resting on an I-beam, not the rafter, but the rafter is really soft. Is it necessary to pull out the whole tub and replace the rotted rafter (and the tiling around the tub and the tile floor) or can we replace the rafter from the basement and recaulk the tub VERY VERY carefully? Or is there another option entirely?
Please help-the choices I have come up with are very different in price of repair and we should do this before things get much worse!

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