Tub to Whirlpool conversion
Posted by Mark Kovach on July 02, 19100 at 10:24:49:
I'm considering a tub to whirlpool conversion on my oversized master bedroom (one piece) fiberglass
(or acrylic, not really sure) bathtub. I've looked at what is available online in conversion kits and the price
seems reasonable. Most of them claim conversion without removal and that is where I'm stuck. The tub
sits against two outside wall on the left and rear (btw we're talking manufactured home here) and there is
no access to those sides of the tub unless I cut into the floor underneath (not my first choice). The right
side of the tub sits against a closet and the plumbing is also inside that wall.

outside wall
o | | |
u | | |
t | | |
s | controls here> | closet |
i | | |
d | | |
e | | |

Now being that this is a one piece tub and oversized at that I'm wondering how I can install the jets with
out lifting the tub or cutting through the floor underneath to intall the jets on the left side of the tub. I can
probably lift the tub a foot or two (though I tiled the floor and that might damage the tile), but I'm sure the
darn this is very HEAVY and don't really see how I can lift it without killing myself.

Any suggestions on how to make this easier?

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