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Posted by dick on June 30, 19100 at 10:26:24:
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The guy has made 3 attempts to fix it. He has demonstrated beyound a doubt that he is incompetant. If you let this guy work on your plumbing again, regardless of wether its free or under warranty, you deserve what you you get.

I did some reading on the net about home warrenty's when i bought my current house. Tons of problems with service and quality of work. almost nobody was happy with them. I cancelled the home warrenty imediately after the sale and got a $300 refund. I figure i'm $300 and a lot of headaches ahead.

: On the plumber's third trip to re-solder a copper connection after installing a new water heater, he took
: out the copper pipe (about 4 inches long) and replaced it with a piece of galvenized. It doesn't have any
: insulating connections (yes I'm aware that the board thinks their useless nevertheless) and I've always
: been taught not to mix metals whenever possible. Should I demand that this guy put back the copper
: pipe and learn how to solder a decent joint. The work was covered by a home warranty company and
: I think I'd have problems getting them to fix it unless I can say something like its against building codes
: or standard practice. Conversely, am I making a mountain out a mole hill, after all I'm annoyed by the
: incompetence of these guys and could be just too critical of their work.

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