Re: Mixing copper and galvenized pipes
Posted by Terry Love on June 30, 19100 at 00:47:03:
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: On the plumber's third trip to re-solder a copper connection after installing a new water heater, he took
: out the copper pipe (about 4 inches long) and replaced it with a piece of galvenized. It doesn't have any
: insulating connections (yes I'm aware that the board thinks their useless nevertheless) and I've always
: been taught not to mix metals whenever possible. Should I demand that this guy put back the copper
: pipe and learn how to solder a decent joint. The work was covered by a home warranty company and
: I think I'd have problems getting them to fix it unless I can say something like its against building codes
: or standard practice. Conversely, am I making a mountain out a mole hill, after all I'm annoyed by the
: incompetence of these guys and could be just too critical of their work.

The water heater is made of steel, so using galvanized pipe wouldn't be mixing metals at that point. If and when the galvanized is connected to copper, that needs attention. Most installers use either copper flex, which comes with insulators, or stainless steel braided flex to connect from the heater to the water lines. The pipe sections at the top of the tank would either be galvanized, (not my first choice but still ok) brass or plastic lined galvanized. The plastic lined galvanized sometimes will have a groove around the middle. Attaching copper pipe directly to the water heater would be mixing metals.

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