shower diverter valve
Posted by Dr Norm Baker on June 29, 19100 at 17:12:51:
My elderly folks live in a home built about 1946, and in the main bath shower the diverter valve is bad. When it is screwed toward shower, only about 1/2 flow is delivered. I took off the handle, chrome covering, and removed the brass packing nut. Then I attempted to unscrew the diverter stem--however it only will screw between the two positions--shower or tub--it will not unscrew out of the valve. There is another brass nut semi-covered with grout--but I thought that this was only to put a wrench on to resist the unscrewing force from the packing nut. Do I have to remove this nut to get to the actual diverter valve guts?? No mfg name of course!! Sincerely Dr Norm

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