advise on a breakfast bar or island
Posted by Melissa on September 05, 1998 at 19:42:52:
Terri -
Hello. I have already remodled my kitchen, but want to get your advise regarding adding an island or breakfast bar.
My kitchen (now) is very open and I was reading on your websignt about the "triangle" design that a kitchen should have.
Right now, my sink faces a pass through window into my formal dining room.The wall opposite the sink was taken down because
I wanted to have more light in the kitchen. (I have a large double sliding glass door in the back and wanted to allow the
natural sunlight to come into the kitchen in the morning.)
The room behind the kitchen (the wall which was taken down used to separate these rooms) is being used a an eating area.
The problem that I have is that the kitchen does not "flow" into the eating area and I need something to help make the transition.
I thought a breakfast bar would be good, but I am concerned about the look. I am afraid that it may be to many tables and chairs
between the eating area table, the dining room table and then a breakfast bar.
Do you have a suggestion or know where I could get some suggestions or avise to give me a solution which is functional and also
looks good?

Thanks! Your wed sight has many good ideas and my next project is to redo our master bath so you can bet I will be visiting again
for advise on that.


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