Re: Incomplete Toilet Flush
Posted by Mike on June 29, 19100 at 16:35:34:
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: We have a septic system, fairly new (about 6-7 mos.), and I'm wondering why our toilet never flushes completely. The water does, and if sometimes the handle is held down,sometimes it will flush pretty well. It's an older toilet, so is the problem in the toilet, or is it the septic system? We do not flush paper or anything, so I can't imagine something would be blocking the flow.

I hope "More" is correct. I've seen some pretty strange things affecting the flush. How quickly the water enters the bowl is also a factor. I saw one where residue from the "toilet cleaning tablets" that had been used for a long period of time had partially cloged the small holes around the rim of the bowl slowing down the flow. After cleaning those and never using the tablets again it was okay.

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