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: I'll start by apologizing for not knowing the proper name for the part that I'm having trouble with. The thing that you pull up to make the water come out of the shower head, instead of the faucet, is stuck. It will only move if you use pliers and a lot of elbow grease (my husband discovered that you can also use a hammer to get the thing down). We were just going to replace the whole faucet, but it appears to be welded to the pipe, so we can't get it off. We've tried WD-40 to loosen the "pulley thing," but that did nothing. Any suggestions?

: Thanks in advance.
The thingy you are calling a faucet is actualy the spout. Technicaly part of the faucet but would be more appropriately called an acessory. Your spout includes a diverter. which is actualy just a type of shut off valve.

The faucet assembly in the wall, where the valves are, feeds water into a special tee that aims the water downward to the spout. When the spout is blocked, the water backs up and flows out the showerhead.

You can get a new spout with diverter for $8- $25 at any hardware store. More expensive ones aren't better just fancier housing.

Take a look at them at Home depot. They just screw onto a 1/2" pipe nipple coming out of the wall. They can be very difficult to remove undamaged. But since you have been using pliers and hammers on it ,I assume thats not a consideration. Get the biggest wrench, pliers or whatever you can find. grab it and turn it to the left. you will most likely crush or break the chrome housing. That's ok, just grab whats under it and continue turning.
If your faucets start to move significantly (not just wiggle around a little), stop and put a backup wrench on the pipe behind the wall. This is not usualy a problem, but ocasionaly it is necessary.

If the nipple comes out with the spout no problem. Buy a new spout with diverter, a new pipe nipple if it came out and a roll of teflon tape and a tube of bathtub caulking.

Tape the male pipe threads( three layers of teflon tape) and screw everything back in tight. apply caulk liberaly around the spout.

Everybody's got to start somewhere, and this is a pretty easy job to start your plumbing career. If you are tool-less, You'll only need to buy one pipe wrench. I'd recomend a 14" size. this will fit almost anything you'll run into.

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