Re: Installing and exhaust fan in a woodworking shop
Posted by dick on June 29, 19100 at 11:07:32:
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: I need to install an exhaust fan in my wood shop for evacuating the odor/fumes from

Buy the cheapest electric hammer drill at home depot. drill a series of 1/2 " holes in a 10 : circle, the closer together the better. Drill thru just the inside wall of the block first. the holes that land on the webs of the block, drill about 3-4" deep. Knock out the hole with a hammer and cold chisel. Drill one hole in the center of the 10 " circle thru to the out side to mark the location. Go outside and drill a series of 1/2" holes in a 10 inch circle, etc. etc.

This sounds like more work than it actualy is. concrete blocks are relatively easy to drill. A cheap light duty hammer drill should handle this job and several more. You drill from the outside of the block toward the center because the cement will tend to break out and make a bigger hole on the oposite side.

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