Re: Required Water Pressure for a Toilet?
Posted by dick on June 29, 19100 at 10:50:32:
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: The reservoir tank needs to be at a height of five feet higher than the toilet tank, when the reservoir tank is five gallons, and the elevation is at sea level. When the cabin is at 5000 feet elevation, the reservoir needs to be larger in gallonage capacity, or five gallons but six feet higher than the tank. Water weighs 8.5 pounds per gallon and the barometric pressure at that level is about 28 pounds. The 40 pounds of water is plenty to fill the tank using gravity head pressure. Check your plumbing. Is there rust in the reservoir getting stuck in the fill valves? Turn the water off at the supply and disconnect the ballcock. Open the supply a little bit. Does the reservior fill the tank now? Rinse out the ballcock. It only has a 1/16 inch hole in it and it plugs with sand and rust readily. Check it by blowing into the filltube where the supply connects with the ballcock shut, and then operate the ballcock. Does air move through well? Reconnect the ballcock to the supply tube and turn the water on without the small fill tube connected and operate the ballcock. Does it work now?

Could you explain the resoning for this? I don't understand why the elevation above sea level or the gallonage of the resivoir would have any effect on the opening of the fill valve.

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