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Posted by More on June 29, 19100 at 03:24:54:
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: We just bought a new refigerator with an ice maker., and found out we have no water supply for the
: refrigerator. Exactly what is involved in getting water to the refrigerator? OUr kitchen sink is on the other
: side of the kitchen. We are just renting this home. Would it even be worth the trouble?
Your kitchen sink might be a long way away, but there might be water supply closer than the sink. Is there a basement or crawl space? Look directly below the refrigerator. Is the hot water heater there? The cold water is there too. Put a tee and valve at the cold supply to the hot water heater (or any other supply that is closer than the sink) and add a nipple and reducer to run a soft copper 1/4 inch supply to the floor under the refrigerator and drill a small hole. Push the 1/4 inch up and go up to behind the refrigerator to where the icemaker supply is, and cut and thread on a new fitting. Install a valve there if you like, and plumb the icemaker. Get permission from the landlord to do this if you aren't comfortable with the plumbing. Any leak or drip really causes a lot of dryrot wood damage that the landlord could hold your security deposit for. If you stay there a good while.

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