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: Why does water that stands for a day or two show orange stains. It is a new home with a new water softner and water purifier.

Orange stains are an indicator of iron oxidization when they a red orange color on porcelain. Iron oxidation is rust. Orange stains that are yellow orange are mineral deposits of calcified limestone, sandstone, silica, or decomposing granite. The deposits could be coming from the water supply if this is well water that has been standing for a while and built up minerals in the piping system. New water softeners that use salt as a saline brine softener could be reacting to the mineral deposits suspended in the supplied water that you don't notice, until it evaporates. If the water purifier is an ion generator it could be changing the molecular structure of the supplied water that causes it to drop out the minerals that are normally suspended. Take a sample of the water to a testing lab to see what you are drinking. Take four samples. Take one and labelit from a neighbors house. Take a second at your kitchen. Take a third from in front of the softener and a fourth from before the purifier

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