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: I'll start by apologizing for not knowing the proper name for the part that I'm having trouble with. The thing that you pull up to make the water come out of the shower head, instead of the faucet, is stuck. It will only move if you use pliers and a lot of elbow grease (my husband discovered that you can also use a hammer to get the thing down). We were just going to replace the whole faucet, but it appears to be welded to the pipe, so we can't get it off. We've tried WD-40 to loosen the "pulley thing," but that did nothing. Any suggestions?

: Thanks in advance.

Are you SURE you want to do this instead of calling a plumber? The thingie that moves up and down and needs pliers is a diverter. The opened hot and cold faucets mix water into one half inch pipe stub at the mixing valve inside the wall, and that pipe stub exits through the wall. The shower wall has a hole in it to allow that pipe stub to pass through it, and then caulk is put around that to make it watertight, and the tub fill spout is screwed onto the pipe stub, very tightly. Hard water deposits build up calcium and limestone inside the fill spout and cause it to get pitted almost exactly like a bad weld job. WD 40 is a silicon added to a mineral oil, but it won't break calcium and limestone minerals readily. If you're going to do this yourself, resign yourself to the fact that the tub fill spout will need to be replaced. Is the spout rounded and impossible to get a wrench on? Professional plumbers use a strap wrench that won't mar the surface to get the torque required to turn the spout, It needs to turn counter clockwise. When it turns that hard, be VERY CAREFULL you dont move the mixing valve inside the wall. Watch the hot and cold valve stems. When the spout comes off the pipe stub will probably come off with it. It might dump water into the inside of the wall. Replace the pipe stub and the tub fill spout and the diverter valve with the same style. Make sure you use good teflon tape on the new pipe stub where it screws to the mixing valve and the spout both. Are you SURE you don't want to call a LICENSED plumber?

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