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Posted by More on June 29, 19100 at 02:20:43:
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: Are there any special tips on connecting up a gas dryer? Do you just screw the fittings together or does
: it need special tape like plumbing? It seems easy but I want to make sure I don't miss an important
: detail. Thanks for your help

Look into the couplings. Is the gas pipe that you are goung to connect to using a straight black iron pipe thread that you could screw a coupling or a 90 degree fitting on to? Then that fitting needs pipe thread tape to seal the threads and prevent gas leak. Is the gas pipe that you are going to connect to rounded at the end, and the coupling to are going to screw onto it also rounded to receive it? Then that fitting is a compression fitting and doesn't need teflon tape. Safety first though, if you are in doubt, and don't want to risk a leak, tape the threads, tighten the fittings, then spray a little dish soapy water on the fittings to see that nothing leaks out when you turn the gas on

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