Re: Installing and exhaust fan in a woodworking shop
Posted by More on June 29, 19100 at 01:55:54:
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: I need to install an exhaust fan in my wood shop for evacuating the odor/fumes from finishing. I think my only options are to cut thought the rim joists or go through the concrete block wall. The rim joist also has two more 2 x 10's lag screwed on the outside of the house to which a deck is attached. So, that means I'd have to cut through 4 thicknesses. Sounds tough to me. I'm thinking I should cut a hole through the block wall for a 10" fan but, I don't know how to cut the hole.

There's no window to use? The way to cut a 10 inch hole in concrete wall is to look in the yellow pages for concrete cutters & hole saw contractors. They use a concrete core rig with diamond blade that cuts perfectly. They install concrete lead anchors in the wall, lift the core rig and mount it, supply the cooling water, supply the wet vacuum to clean up the water, and it takes them less than an hour. Very clean and professional. Ask them for an estimate. It will probably be cheaper than you can rent an air compressor and roto hammer

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