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Posted by More on June 29, 19100 at 01:19:21:
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: We have a septic system, fairly new (about 6-7 mos.), and I'm wondering why our toilet never flushes completely. The water does, and if sometimes the handle is held down,sometimes it will flush pretty well. It's an older toilet, so is the problem in the toilet, or is it the septic system? We do not flush paper or anything, so I can't imagine something would be blocking the flow.

The new septic system simply receives whatever flow you send to it, and it's okay to flush paper and stuff. The holding down of the toilet flush handle is what is telling you that the problem is with the toilet and not the septic system. Take the lid off the toilet tank and look inside.The flush handle has a small arm that has a chain on it that drops into the water and attaches to a tank closure flapper. Is the chain loose? are there lots of links in it that you can tighten it? When you flush and a slack chain can't raise the tank flapper high enough, you don't get a complete flush with enough of the water that is available in the tank. If the chain is not slack, then look at the flapper itself. Is the flapper attached to what looks like a ball or half an eggshell? That is supposed to be bouyant so that when you operate the flush handle, the chain lifts the flapper (which is now bouyant and floats in the water) and the flapper stays up till all the water falls out; then the flapper falls back down to make a good seal and lets the tank fill up again. The flapper has two ears on it that let you remove it and change it. Turn the water off to the tank, change the flapper, and you'll have good flush

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