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Posted by dick on June 28, 19100 at 17:40:14:
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: : : My wife accidently dropped a dime in the disposal and then turned on the unit. It chewed up the dime and now it vibrates something awful. Is there any way I could readjust the unit.

: : Tom,
: : I would guess that some of the dime is still there. remove all of the loose parts and the vibration should go away. Terry

: Terry,
: No, that's not the problem. Although the dime was chewed up, their are no missing parts, (of the dime, anyway) The dime was jammed against the side, I'm wondering if something was bent in the process. My wife told me she turned the unit off immediately. I am just wondering if something wasn't knocked out of kilter. The unit now vibrates uncontrollably.

I assume you checked and there are no other loose pieces of anything in there?? some disposals have sliding "hammers/cutters" that are atteched to the impeller and swing around. Is one of these jammed so that it won't move? Is one of these missing????
stick an allen wrench in the bottom of the diposal and a socket wrench in the top and unscrew the nut holding the impeller. Fish the impeller out. anything missing? broken? bent? Buy a new disposal. A dime should not be strong enough to do any serious damage to a disposal unless it is seriously rusted or worn. Run the disposal without the impeller. If it still vibrates, you bent the shaft, replace the disposal. If it runs ok, then you have the problem in your hand, a broken or bent impeller.

Oh! don't forget to cut the breaker before you stick anything important in the disposal.

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