Gas Water Heaters for Spa
Posted by bonnie on June 27, 19100 at 22:24:19:
I have to replace an old non-working Teledyne Lars water heater for an 800-gallon wooden spa (hot tub). I have received two bids, both offering to replace it with a Raypak heater. However, several plumbers have mentioned to me that the Raypak just does not compare well to Teledyne Lars (comments like 'buying a Volkswagen to replace a Lexus'). The Raypak bids are for 155,000 and 185,000 btus. I am not so concerned about the btus, as I am about the manufacturer and the quality of the equipment. Do you have any recommendation or experience with these brands, or, is there a way for me to obtain a more specific/analytical comparison? Thank you.

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