pipe leak repair in kitchen cement slab floor
Posted by virginia smith on June 27, 19100 at 20:40:06:
About nine months ago we had a cold water pipe break under the slab in the kitchen. Plumbers repired the problem and covered the hole (2ft bye 8 ft) with cement. The cement was not even and the contractor had a guy with a grinding wheel come and smoothe the area, the the floor people came and removed the rest of our tile floor and put down new vinyl. It looked wonderful, but then little thingds like hard rocks seemed to be under the vinyl. We had the flooring people out about 7 times during that time period each time they came with mallet hammers and pounded the spots. About a month ago i noticed little slits where they had hammered in some spots and a very purple discoloring (2 ft bye 3 ft) in the area of the cement patch. There is also an oder. The contractor sent the floor people out they said it is a moisture leak. The contractor sent out a plumber he said after testing that there are no broken water lines. the contractor says it is an act of God that moisture is under there then and do not want to do anything about it. My question is who is at fault? Should the plumber put down a moisture barrier? He says he has never heard of doing that in his 25 years of work! Should the floor people have waited longer to put the floor down? Or should the floor people put a sealer on the concrete. In the mean time both of us are getting extreme allergy problems with this mold smell plus the kitchen looks terrible and smells worse! HELP

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