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Posted by More on June 27, 19100 at 02:29:49:
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: Hello Would like some information on this project..

: instalation help only....

: will be removing a full size bath tub...


Look in the Terry Love remodelling pages and tub pages and shower pages. The tub is heavy and awkward. Please be careful trying to move it. Consider contributing it to the local Saint Vincent De Paul, contractor remodelling projects, or recycling it. The full size shower can utilize all the plumbing supply and drain fixtures as they are, with the slight relocation of the tub drain to a central location within the shower pan that you choose, and extension of the supply lines to a higher elevation. Look at the wood sub floor when you get the tub out. Ensure that there havent been tub splashes and overfills that have damaged the flooring and support members. Look at the supply lines when you get the walls open. Check to make sure they are supported well at the studs and firestops. Now would be the perfect time to add a high quality insulation to the pipes from the water heater to the shower head. If the tub had a window over it, and the full size shower will cover that window, look for a good place to add another window, or look for a good exhaust fan with light and heater.

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