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: I was all set to go with a fiberglass tub unit, but my contractor talked me into going with ceramic tile for resale value and lasting quality. My concern now is the grout. Are there daily steps you can take to preserve the grout? Typically how long does grout last?

Ceramic tile grout is an inert non organic cement based material that is porous because of the tiny sand grains in it mixed with water, silica,and air molecules, as well as some times a plasticiser and a coloring. When the grout is applied well and compacted into the joints by a professional, the majority of the air and much of the water is squeezed out, so the grout becomes very dense. Untreated and unsealed it can last 5 to 7 years.Most professionals seal the tile surface and the grout with a liquid sealer that displaces water and air molecules with a mineral, and forms a water resistant seal as a protectant for the grout. This prevents water from standing in the grout and attacking the mineral bond. This type of sealed grout can last 30 years without any kind of daily weekly or monthly maintenance.

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