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: : : Our water started to have an odor about a week ago. At first it only smelled in the hot water, now its beginning to smell in the cold water. Don't know what is making this foul smell. Have any ideas?

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: : : Bridgette
: : Bridgette sometimes a sulfer odor will come from the hotside of your pipes due to the build up of minerals in the hot water heater tank.But this usually occurs when the tank is old and idle over a period of time. It could be the same problem is occuring through your cold water pipe coming from the city supply.A whole house filter may solve your problem.You need a plumber to come out and trouble shoot this problem

: Thankyou for your input. We have a well we are not on city water.

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: Bridgette

The odor in the water comes from either mineral deposits or bacterial concentrations. If the well water level is dropping too suddenly from drought or sudden increased use by visiting relatives or such, you could be drawing the water that is usually way above the pump intake. The well pump intake is usually submerged well below the surface of the well water. Bacterial growth is normal in the well, but the submerged intake usually collects only pure water from way below the surface. If drought conditions aren't replenishing your well fast enough, you could be drawing that surface water into the intake. The Well delivers only cold water to the house, and then some of the cold is heated in the hot water heater. If the water is hot enough, it usually destroys bacterial growth, and you don't smell the odor. When you get the odor in the hot and cold both, it is likely mineral and not bacterial. Does it smell like rotting eggs (sulfur?) or does it have a more stinging odor like mineral chlorine or limestone or saltwater brine? You might take a water sample to the local water department and ask them to test it for suspended solids or BOD (Bacterial Oxygen Demand) You could run water into a glass and look for evidence of high mineral deposits, but without a chemistry set, you won't know whats causing the odor.

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