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Posted by Terry Love on June 26, 19100 at 13:20:27:
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: : Around the corner will work fine. Terry

: : : The only thing that would affect the DW's pump is if it had to pump higher than normal which is not your situation. If you keep the hose low until it reaches the sink area, ideally under the cabinets, then the water in the hose will not drain back into the dishwasher when the discharge check valve eventually starts to leak. hj

: : : : I would like to put a dishwasher in the kitchen, but am unsure about the plumbing. The location is "around" a corner cabinet from the sink. IE. there is a corner cabinet between the sink and the dishwasher. I am unsure about how to plumb the drain. I have put a dishwasher in before, but simply tied it to the disposer drain. Here that would be difficult. I have an open basement below, with room, a hot water line and power, and need to know if anyone has a solution the the drain line and if I need a vent of some kind? I guess my concern is not tying into the drain, but rather, keeping the drain on the downhill side. I am wondering if the pump from the DW would push the waste uphill to the existing disposer drain a few feet away?? Any help appreciated. Please copy response to as well if possible. Thanks-Joe
: I was wondering if I could just loop the drain hose up in the sink cabinet instead of cutting another hole into the sink for an air gap? It's stainless and I have just the one hole for the sprayer. I imagine I cna make a clean punch with the right tool, but will a loop work just as well? Of course I would loosely clamp it up. Thanks- Joe

All things are possible, not all things are legal plumbing. A 1-3/8" hole saw works fine on stainless. If you choose not to air gap it, then yes, the dishwasher will drain that way.

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