Re: Tub/shower trap installed too far away. OK to pipe to it?
Posted by Lee on June 26, 19100 at 08:54:28:
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: : My plumber installed the trap for a tub/shower about 30 inches from where I wanted it. He's a friend, so I can't ask him to redo it.

: : But I'm wondering if I can run a 30-inch pipe from where I want the drain to where he put the trap. I'll either put this pipe in trench and/or I'll raise the tub/shower a bit to allow for drainage to the trap.

: : OK or not OK? Thanks!

: : --Lee Irdour
: The trap is too far away or the drain? If the trap is too far away and you extend the drain, you'll need .25 inches rise for each 12 inches of run or 5/8 inches rise. That shouldn't be so much that you can't simply move everything. If you truly can't spare the 5/8 inches in height try going further downstream and seeing with a liquid level if he maintained critical fall, or if there's a lot of room further down. Then you can move it without a problem. Even so, friend or no friend, you can ask if he'll move it for a case of beer and that'll be much cheaper and you'll keep the friend and he'll have a bubbly fourth of July/ ****

Thanks, More!

I ended up moving the trap myself (and its vent).


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