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: : I have put a new refill valve in my toilet. What have I done wrong....the toilet will not refill with water.

: : Please advise

: : Thanks!

: : Shirley

: Did you turn on the valve. you may have a blockage in the feed line. there are different fill valves can you name this brand you installed? Find your instructions and reinstall if nessessary. Dale's Plumbing Service Inc. LMP

Look at the refill valve as it sits in the tank and the water at the angle stop is open. Lift and push down the control arm attached to the float ball. Can you see a jerking vibration in the supply tube? Yes? Can you also see water running from a small 1/8 inch plastic tube leaving the valve? Yes? Stuff that small 1/8 inch tube into the small 3/4 inch fill pipe, and the tank should fill. No? That means that pressure is building in the tube but not exiting the refill valve. Turn the water off at the angle stop. Take the refill valve back off and turn it upside down to look at it. Now operate the control arm again. Can you see a small pin penetrate the diaphragm? That small pin allows the water through the valve, or doesn't. If it is working, look at the plastic 1/8 inch tube. Pull it loose from the valve and blow through it. Is it plugged with sand? push a coat hanger through it to open it. Not plugged? leave the tube off, put the valve back on turn the water on just a wee bit and operate the valve a few times by hand. Does it work now? Probably had dirt or sand in it.

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