Re: Leaking Delta bathroom dual control faucet
Posted by More on June 26, 19100 at 01:05:53:
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: I had a constant leak so purchased a repair kit. The spring, cap and vavle for both controls go back together fine, but now the water won't turn on. I have tried every (I think) possible combination. What am I doing wrong? (Yes, I did turn the water back on under the sink...)

The repair kit for the cartridge is allowing the cartridge to shut off the water floe inside the faucet body. It's installed backwards. Turn the water off under the sink, take apart what you put in and inspect it very carefully. Is the small black o ring twisted? No? look into the faucet body to see where the cartridge seats. The hole in the cartridge has to sit directly over that hole when the faucet is open. Operate the cartridge while its apart in your hand to see where the hole will be when open. Then put it back together that way and turn the water back on.

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