Re: floor water leak?
Posted by More on June 26, 19100 at 00:58:49:
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: We discoverd today that our half of our hallway is soaked. We took up the carpet, the padding, and some
: tile that had been nailed into the cement floor. We cleaned up all the seems to be all
: confined to the middle of the doesn't go into any of the rooms. Is it possible that water is
: actually coming through the concrete into the house?? The house has never flooded.

It is possible that there is a pressure water line under the concrete floor that is leaking , making a puddle under the concrete, and can't find any way to get out, so it is pushing its way up through the concrete floor. Listen with your ear pressed against an upside down water glass onto the concrete where the leak was. Pressureized water lines with a small leak are pretty noticeable, since the water glass makes an amplifier for the noise. Move the glass around to test for the loudest leak sounding noise. Then turn off the water outside at the meter, and see if the noise goes away. If so, thats a good indication of an under the concrete leak. You can call American Leak Detection to pinpoint the leak with ultrasonic testing devices, and they'll gaurantee to be within six inches. Then you'll have to break open about a two foot area to get to the pipe to repair and test the repair, then pour new concrete and put the carpet back. e-mail me if you need more info, at

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