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: : I need to remove the 4" cast iron cleanout plug for my main line drain.It is running through a cement block wall. This is a very old building and it is very stuck.

: : Thanks

: : Rob

: Rob, wear safty goggles and use a hammer and cole chisel to take it out. Dale's Plumbing Service Inc. LMP

Cast iron cleanouts have a tendancy to rust at the threaded fittings when exposed to sewer wastewater and gasses, and can be very difficult to remove. Safety glasses and a heavey hammer and cold chisel are very dangerous. Get a good penetrating oil like Marvel Mystery oil, or Spray WD-40 penetrating oil onto the cleanout cap where irt screws into the sewer mainline cleanout body. Let the oil penetrate twenty minutes or so then do it again. Is the cleanout cover the type with a square bump rising off the cover? Put a 36 inch long pipewrench onto the square bump so that the wrench will turn the cover counter clockwise, and put your foot on the wrench to apply steady heavy pressure to turn the cap. Is the cap the type that has a slot in it that looks like a big screwdriver will fit in it? Licensed plumbers have the tool to fit it and apply torque, but you could try renting one at the rental yard. If you really are going to use a cold chisel and heavy hammer, wear gloves and watch for flying pieces of metal. Keep the kids away to prevent injury

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