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Posted by stew mcclelland on June 25, 19100 at 21:53:03:
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: Hi Joel,

: : I just moved into a house with a well. The house was built in
: : 1968. The tank appears to be a new tank. The water pressure
: : in the house is weak. What could cause this and what do I
: : need to do to find out how to fix it without paying someone
: : bunches of money just to diagnose the problem?

: Low water pressure could be:
: The best this system has ever had.

: Some possible reasons:
: Deep well and under sized/powered pump,
: Inadequate electrical service to pump(not real likely,
: the pump probably wouldn't last long if this were so),
: Very long pipe runs,
: Too small pipe,
: Switch set for low pressure, defective switch.

: Over time, pipes could be corroding internally and restricting flow.
: The pump could be worn out.

: Is there a spigot near the well that you can turn on?
: This will let you know if all is well at that point.

: My low water pressure is caused by distance from well. Where do I get a pump to install at house to boost pressure?

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