Re: pipebursting sewer lateral
Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service Inc. LMP on June 25, 19100 at 10:38:13:
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: In your experience, how often do you see overweight traffic (like cement trucks traveling on a crumbling street) breaking or crushing old clay sewer service lines?

: My village engineer denies that any service line (over a few feet deep) can be affected by traffic -- regardless of road condtions. Instead, he has informed me that broken sewer services are often the cause of road damage!

: Unfortunately, I am responsible for repairing the service all the way to the main sewer. I'll bet my lunch that you fellows have never seen a homeowner get a village to pick up part of the tab in a case like this (without a little help from Dowe Cheatum & How).

None, As long as the sewer line is at least 18" in the ground traffic will not bother it. You mentioned pipe bursting. We replace sewer lines useing the pipe bursting trenchless method. You do not have to dig up your lawn or the whole road to replace this line. only one hole at the house and one at the city main.Dale's Plumbing Service Inc. LMP

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