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Posted by murphyplumbing on June 24, 19100 at 01:35:36:
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: : I have a pin leak on a soldered copper elbow joint (problem I think stemmed from the fact that I couldn't get all the water out of the end no matter what I tried.) Is there a way of soldering round the outside of elbow to seal the pin leak? or is there a better way of making the joint (NB: Tight on space, have about 2 inches of pipe to work with right in corner of room - pipe is return on central heating to rads)

: This is the trouble with water standing in the line when trying to solder. What happens is the expansion of the pressurized steam inside the line has nowhere to go and your sweat copper joint is not quite completed, so the steam rushes out at your pinhole joint. Re heating the joint to apply more solder hoping that it will stick is futile. The fact that you only have 2 inches to work with is also a problem. The right fix is to disassemble the line where there is room to work and where you can completely drain the system, then sweat your fitting when there's nothing in the line. If you can't ......Get some epoxy. Really sand the joint shiny, and then wipe clean with a lint free cloth, so there's no sand dust. Don't get any fingerprints on the pipe cuz of the body oil. Apply two part epoxy to the joint and let dry. There is also a pipe wrap known as water activated fiberglass pipe wrap that can do the same job. But you only have two inches and that won't be enough room. Try epoxy

I would advise against using epoxy on copper pipes to fix a leak. it is only a temporary quick fix and will not last.

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