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Posted by MURPHYPLUMBING on June 24, 19100 at 01:27:39:
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: : We are installing granite countertops and don't want that unsightly dishwasher vent thing on the surface. Is there any way around this? I've heard about some sort of device that will work from underneath the countertop. Please let me know. Thanks.

: Look down below the messages to Terry dated 6/13 installing a dishwasher and see Terrys Posting entitled "Adding a Picture" That shows the unsightly vent thingie penetrating the countertop. You can have a shelf built ynderneath the countertop, just as easily, but the vent needs to be higher than the highest piping in the dishwasher to prevent back siphonage. The countertop person should be able to advise you. Plumbers don't like to install it that way because of the potential liability for leak and severe damage to woodwork and floors in the event of flooding or back siphon.

if you do install in this manner expect major water problems in the future, for most airgaps do leak at some point. heck, i get mad when the wife turns the opening to the back of the sink so if it does leak water can go onto the counter!

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