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: Pressure switch buzzes sometimes (when cold outside). I clean the contacts, helped a little. Also my well does not shut off a lot of times. I go out and flip the breaker off and on to reset it. I can not find any leaks or tolits running. Is there a proceedure for adjusting the two springs? What is the difference between the little and large spring? PLEASE HELP, UNEMPLOYED @ PRESENT AND ELECTRIC BILL CLIMBING!

: thanks
Look at the diaphragm tank. There's a tank that adds air pressure to the water pressure provided by the water well pump.As the water is used and the pump isn't running, a bladder or diaphragm relaxes, until the contact makes, telling the pump to start.As the well pumps up to the pressure tank it squeezes that bladder tighter and tighter to keep water pressurized by air, so the pump won't have to keep running to hold pressure on, until the water level falls again. The small spring pushes a little pressure onto the contacts to start the pump when pressure drops, the large spring keeps the contacts made until the diaphragm says there's adequate pressure. Unfortunately there's no way to repair the diaphragm after it develops a pinhole leak and gets waterlogged, because its calibrated to prevent pressure explosion of the tank, and then welded shut. Call a well driller and ask if there's a used but still good tank available, and if you can barter a few days labor for him in exchange. Prayers for your speedy employment

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