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: I have seen a canvas bag that you can put water heaters in when installing them in an attic, mainly removing the old one with less mess. can anyone tell me where to get one ? I also want to find out if anyone is using a come-along or anything to lift the haters into the attic, I use helpers to get the 50 gal. heater in the attic but I am always worried they will get hurt or drop the heater. What are you doing about water heaters in the attic ?

Canvas bags can be obtained at the same plumbing supply house that you get the new water heaters at. A come along always is a good thought when taking water heaters up through an access hole, especially when trying to avoid workers compensation injury claims. The trouble with that is that the winch handle operator needs to be above the heater and in the attic, and can't see whats happening below. Another method for hoisting is a heavy gauge "C" clamp and pulley at the rafters above and a three sling cable from the top of the heater to the bottom. That allows for a straight pull up from below, and when all the way through the access hole, the base can be moved over easily enough to permit your coming up after it.
Another method is a small hand winched lift truck that is like a forklift and hand truck combination that HVAC duct installers use on commercial installations to lift heavy awkward ducting. It has a platform to stand the heater on and a hand crank with brake to raise the unit. This requires a person above to make the final lift to get the heater through the access hole, though. Rent the unit at the rental yard

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