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Posted by More on June 23, 19100 at 23:19:55:
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: I have a leak around my hot water unit and heat pump (they are very close together). It is hard to tell where it's coming from. The water is cold and seeps fairly slowly. How can I tell which one it is? What else can I look for to see if the hot water tank is leaking?

One way is with a flashlight look directly under the hot water heater, by setting your head on the floor, because it has short little feet that raise it off the floor, and you could see drops falling. Do you see any dripping? No? Look at the top of the water heater. Any little puddles of water on top there? Cold water is piped to the area, and then has a valve to turn off. Cold water enters the hot water heater, and hot water leaves through those crinkly looking soft copper flex pipes at the top. Look closely at the connections there. grab the cold and move it just a little while looking for leaks. No Leaks? Is there a soft insulation blanket wrapped around the water heater? Can you see a hose bibb faucet along the bottom near the pilot light access? Is the hose bibb (or maybe a plastic drain fitting) leaking or wet? No? Probably not the water heater. Do the same thing for the heat pump. If you see a small drip at a hose connection, you can sometimes just tighten it an eighth of a turn to stop the leak.

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