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: We are having a problem with toilet flange being too high, it sits just above the level of the wood floor. We had one plumber who installed two wax seals with a horn, didn�t work. Another plumber put wood shims under the toilet, then a new wax seal a few years ago, which may be failing now. We are calling a new plumber, but we need to know what should be done.

: The bathroom is on the second floor, the pipe where the flange connects to, is all metal. In talking to many plumbers, we don�t feel we are getting good suggestions.

: We asked if they could cut this pipe down then put a new flange on, then the seal, but they say the pipe is too thick to be cut???

: We were going to ask if the toilet could be built up on tiles or marble, but only in the area of the toilet, to make it even with the flange.

: We also heard of the ultra seal which is made specifically for flange too high or too low problems, which is made of pvc, not wax. The plumbers in our area have never heard of it and are skeptical. We spoke directly with the company who said they guarantee it to never fail-lifetime guarantee, and that is any plumber needs help with instructions they could call directly for any information, they also said we could do this project without a plumber.

Are these LICENSED plumbers you are talking to? If not, call a LICENSED BONDED plumber for accurate information. The pipe is not too thick to be cut, the flange is too high, and needs to be set flush with the subfloor, for the professional installation. The plumbers you are taking to are not familiar with an all too common service call problem. You are right to want to have it done well, and you deserve more respect. When a flange is set too high, the porcelain circular base at the wax seal physically contacts the flange, rather than maintaining a gab above the flange. The toilet outside base is supposed to actually touch the floor, and when the flange is set deep enough, the wax ring seals the air gap, and the horn on the wax ring funnels the downrushing water into the gravity sanitary sewer. The flange is sitting on top of the subfloor, while it is supposed to be recessed into the subfloor so that it is tightly and securely fastened below the subfloor, while providing slotted bolt holes for the mechanical connection of the bowl hold down bolts. When the toilet base sits directly on the floor, the toilet bowl hold down bolts whose heads are captured and firmly held down by the flange, penetrate through the porcelain base, and allow the bowl base to be sealed and firmly pulled down onto the finish floor.

You can do this work without a plumber, but be advised that all the time the bowl is off the sewer, your house will be filling with hydrogen sulfide gas from the sewer main, since you have removed the effective trap water seal. Because you have suffered the trauma of already having the too high flange installed, you will be fighting this job. You are advised to hire a LICENSED plumber. If you want to do it yourself, e-mail me and I'll walk you through it. respond to

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