Re: Draining clothes washer through a garden hose
Posted by More on June 23, 19100 at 22:40:40:
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: As a stop gap measure, I connected my washing machine drain hose to a garden hose (via a pvc adapter)
: and then ran it to a drain where a sink once was. The machine makes it through the wash cycle but then
: stops working about half way through the spin/rinse cycle (the timer continues to tick, but nothing else happens).

: If I wait about half an hour and turn it on, it finishes the cycle. Can anybody explain what is happening?

: Thanks in advance.

The washing machine utilizes a pump that discharges through a one and a quarter inch hose under pressure. You have forced the pump to try to get the same pressure through a half inch inside diameter hose. The pump cycles long enough for complete drain through a larger hose, but your restriction causes it not to be able to evacuate all the water in the allotted time. Get some inch and a half or two inch ABS plastic pipe and adapt that to the inch and a quarter washer drain hose, as a stop gap. Then the washer will drain fine if you drain it to where the sink once was, if the sink drain line is larger(but not the same size as) that the ABS line that you run. The drain has to have air around the pressure line from the washer in order to vent the pumped out water so that it won't suck the water out of the traps in the rest of the house plumbing.

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