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: Terry, we live in San Diego County, CA and are going to be putting in a small guest house, (approximately 500 sq ft.) on the rear of our property. Would it be less expensive to put in a ceptic tank vs. the expense of hooking up to the sewer. Can you give us an approximate cost of a tank for this size of a house and possible some sources. Thank you

In San Diego county it is illegal to install a septic tank in areas where there is sewer available within 1500 feet. The water table is too high for private sewage disposal. A one bedroom house septic system is based upon whats known in the trade as "Fixture Units" and the minimum size allowable in Southern California is a 750 gallon septic tank with approximately 600 square feet of disposal area. Average cost for such a system in Southern Cal is close to $3,200 when there is limited access such as a small back yard. There is so much soil that needs removal and then replacement that where a small back yard is concerned, costs are known to be over $6000. Contact a LICENSED plumber in your area for an extension of the existing house sewer from the area where it exits the house and heads toward the sewer in the street. If the elevation permits such an extension, the cost very well could be less than a septic system. If elevation does not permit, then talk to a Licensed plumber about a sewage ejector pump. and pump the material to your existing sewer

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