venting a propane hotwater heater
Posted by BEAR Curcoe on June 23, 19100 at 13:26:51:
Help.... I got overlly anxious... I took out the electrical hotwater heater and put in a new propane one. Small problem, the propane co. won't turn it on because it needs to be vented? The elec. one wasn't vented? Anyway, how do you do it? From what I figure, I'll have to cut a hole in my roof? What do I need to vent it, how do I cut a hole in my roof? How do I seal it back, or do I? I'm gifted with two left feet and 10 thumbs, I'm all thumbs. I do need help here cause I'm so tired of hearing my wife gripe about having to take a 'cold' bath... Sheees.. where is her sense of adventure. I know I've heard at least a thousand times.."You shouldn't have take the elec. one out till you had this figured out." I'm desperate here. I have to stay away from my claw hammer, fraid to pick it up.... (just joking) but... her mother is living with us and ........ well......... like I said, I'm desperate!!!!!

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