flange problem
Posted by MD on June 22, 19100 at 22:56:02:
We are having a problem with toilet flange being too high, it sits just above the level of the wood floor. We had one plumber who installed two wax seals with a horn, didn�t work. Another plumber put wood shims under the toilet, then a new wax seal a few years ago, which may be failing now. We are calling a new plumber, but we need to know what should be done.

The bathroom is on the second floor, the pipe where the flange connects to, is all metal. In talking to many plumbers, we don�t feel we are getting good suggestions.

We asked if they could cut this pipe down then put a new flange on, then the seal, but they say the pipe is too thick to be cut???

We were going to ask if the toilet could be built up on tiles or marble, but only in the area of the toilet, to make it even with the flange.

We also heard of the ultra seal which is made specifically for flange too high or too low problems, which is made of pvc, not wax. The plumbers in our area have never heard of it and are skeptical. We spoke directly with the company who said they guarantee it to never fail-lifetime guarantee, and that is any plumber needs help with instructions they could call directly for any information, they also said we could do this project without a plumber.

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