Re: polybutylene plumbing/denied claims
Posted by Brian Fritter on June 22, 19100 at 14:26:40:
In response to Re: polybutylene plumbing/denied claims
: We filed a claim when our first leak occurred
: in March, 1999. We missed the deadline by
: several months and were denied. I am wondering
: if there enough of us to sign a petition to
: file a new lawsuit. We do not have the resources
: to re-plumb ourselves. We have just experienced
: our second leak this past week. Now we have
: incurred new plumbing bills once again, and as
: well as damage. Our homeowners insurance went
: up last year because of our claim with them.
: Are there others who are in this same situation?
: I have written to the Trial Lawyers for Public
: Justice Case Intake who handled the Cox vs
: Oil, et al case to ask for their help. Let me
: know what you and others think.

We too were denied and we made our first claim in 1996 for our yard and a leak a little while later, we were reimbursed for the yard but were denied inside the house. We have had five leaks since then and numerous appeals and the still cant help us. All i can tell you is appeal again and again, they also told us they still are putting this same pipes in homes today with copper in the basement tol look like its all done in copper, so anyone buying a new home be sure what you have.

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