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Posted by dick on June 22, 19100 at 09:35:22:
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: I recently purchased a new natural gas grill and I need to extend my current gas line approximately 20 feet. What size copper tubing should I use and what size black iron pipe should I use to connect the quick connect portion of the line?

I used 3/8 od copper 6' long on one 45k btu grill and it worked fine. I recently moved into a house with and replaced the existing grill with a 45k btu grill. The supply was 3/8 copper about 40 feet long. It severly restricted the heat output of the grill. This copper was underground so it is possible that it was crimped also.
I moved the grill and replumbed with 1/2" pipe and about 8 feet of 1/2" copper. Much better.

I'm not sure about code, but i think running soft copper gas line underground is a very poor practice. Considering the fragile nature and ease of crimping or pinching soft copper, I don't think it's such a great idea to run long lengths of it anywhere that it may be bumped or bent or steped on.

3/8" copper for 20 feet may be ok for your grill depending on the size (BTU) of your grill. If'n it wuz me, I would be inclined to be on the safe side and run 1/2" copper or 1/2" pipe.

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